Thickest Mylar Bags for Long Term Food Storage

Heavy Duty Mylar Bags In the world of food packaging and food storage, nothing beats Mylar. Not only is Mylar flexible and space-conservative, it is both durable and maintains a high level of puncture resistence. Typically, a food-grade Mylar bag is around 4.3 mils thick and some are even 5.0 mils thick. Many flexible packaging companies sell these bags and for the most part, they serve their purpose. But what about the conscientious individual who wants the added protection that only a 7.0 mil or 7.5 mil Mylar bag can offer? The truth is, not many companies have Mylar bags this thick and most will tell you that a 4.3 mil or 5.0 mil thick Mylar bag is sufficient for all your food packaging needs.

Over the years, I have spent a lot of time reading through blogs and forums about food storage and preservation, and I frequently see individuals posting inquiries about thicker Mylar bags. “Do I really need bags this thick?”; “Where can I find thicker Mylar bags?”; the questions go on and on. The truth is, yes you do need bags this thick if you want the best protection available or you are looking to store your food products for longer periods of time. And as for where to get them, IMPAK has been providing 7.0 mils and 7.5 mils thick Mylar bags in a variety of sizes for many years. They call these bags IronShield™ bags, because they are much thicker and more durable than your average run-of-the-mill Mylar bag; but best of all, with specialized die cutting equipment, rollstock, and custom print and labeling capabilities, IMPAK can meet virtually any packaging need that you may have!


~ by SorbentSystems on April 19, 2013.

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